Fine Finish Work

We offer our services on commercial and residential projects, striving to create the finest forms with proper techniques.  Established in 2002, Miles of Wood, Inc. offers on-site services and custom fabrication Ye Olde Woodshoppe.


Take a look at the pictures.  All of the work is ours and speaks for itself.  But words are cool, so here are some.

Cladding, decking, gates, trellises, pergolas (aren't pergolas and trellises the same thing?  No.  But also Yes.) cabinets, veneer, finishing, furniture, slabs, docks, doors, installation, fabrication, bars, countertops.


We love wood.  Our founder once said, "When trees stop being trees and become wood, we get involved."  So, we reclaim local hardwoods and mill slabs that we use to make custom furniture, doors, countertops, and cabinets.  We do the same thing with Dade County Pine  that we salvage from old homes. (They don't make two-by-fours like they used to.)  We even offer one hundred percent locally manufactured reclaimed hardwood decking from Greenheart pilings pulled out of the water.  For real.