Miles Of Wood -Custom Woodwork in Miami Fl

Greenheart (chlorocardium rodiei) is a hardwood from South America. Due to its extraordinaryresistance to water rot, Greenheart is the only untreated lumber used as pilings for docks and marinas. It lasts for decades in these conditions, immune to the damage from sun or saltwater that would destroy other species of lumber. Eventually, at the area of the piling affected by tidal fluctuations, marine worms bore into the surface and over the course of time they deteriorate this section, giving the pilings an hourglass shape. To their credit, the pilings remain standing with their circumference at the tide-mark often reduced to one tenth of the original size. When they are eventually removed, this is the only damaged part of the log; the tops are nice and dry, and the portion that was underwateris in pristine condition (if left underwater, a greenheart log would last forever!).

Enter Miles of Wood. With our delicious blend of hydraulic machines, steel blades and sweat, we salvage these pilings and the resultant product is one of the most beautiful examples of lumber available. Not only is it hard, dense, and durable, Greenheart has a unique grain and an excellent natural color. It is a difficult wood to work with, but the results are worth the effort. Few woods have comparable character.

In addition to its quality as a material, Greenheart is also the “green” wood. Salvaged lumber leaves no massacred forests, and in addition it decreases landfill and leaves a tiny carbon footprint. Instead of lumber cut down from rainforests by slaves and shipped thousands of miles on boats burning fossil fuels, our entire process takes place right here in South Florida. The fact that it requires no preservatives or treatment also makes it safer and more environmentally friendly.

Greenheart is ideal for use as decking, but it can also be used in trellises, outdoor furniture applications, pick-up truck bumpers, or stair treads. Because it is strong and chemical free, it also makes great playgrounds and tree-houses.