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Miles of Wood - Fences
In a community in Pinecrest, a fence we made was the only one to survive Hurricanes Wilma and Katrina. From this point on, we have installed miles of fences-- everything from standard dog-eared and picket fences, to the hardwood structure at the National Hotel, right on the Miami Beach Beachwalk. Ipe fencing, live-edge Greenheart fencing, lattice work-- we can put it up and build it to last. We also specialize in custom wood gates (see our "custom doors" section).
Miles Black
Custom live edge reclaimed wood screen fence


Louvred IPE fence

Louvred IPE fence

IPE slat fence

Louvred IPE custom fence.

Louvred IPE fence gate

Custom gate.

Reclaimed greenheart privacyscreen.